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These two have parted ways, but they will meet again in another lifetime to fulfill the promise they made to each other.

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"A love that transcends time;
and a promise worth keeping."

Memories II/\ Hope & Vanille

hope/vanille headcanon ii


Hope and Vanille often fall asleep beside each other, especially after his confrontation with Alexander. Sometimes they sleep back to back, sometimes face to face. On tiring days they find themselves curled against each other or holding hands.

Sazh lets the “kids” be. They’re warmer than everybody else in the camp (at night); plus it’s easier to let them comfort each other. The chocobo agrees with Sazh, occasionally trading Sazh’s afro for a cosy spot in between Vanille and Hope.

Looking at the two reminds Snow of Serah. While Snow doesn’t think of them as anything other than innocent kids, he misses the intimacy and affection he shared with his bride-to-be. He also wonders about NORA - whether they and the deportees are safe.  

Fang takes to joining them on rough nights. She tries to buffer them from the wind/cold, but draws as much comfort from knowing they’re nearby. When feeling restless or troubled, Fang moves away so she doesn’t disturb their rest.

Lightning can’t help but recall when Serah used to climb into her bed as a girl. She hopes these two, this entire family actually, won’t experience the same falling out/separation that eventually befell her and Serah.

In the back of her mind, Lightning worries Hope may be growing too attached, too fast but she stifles that thought. It’s paramount that they press onwards and survive - other matters can be addressed in time.


"It’s too much, isn’t it?"

16 /  ] reasons to ship hope/vanille: It’s been shown that Hope is emotionally closer to Vanille than he is to Fang in the first game, but it’s also certain he cherishes his friendship with the two. It drives Hope’s devotion to bring Fang AND Vanille back to the new world.

Happy Vanille/Hope Day! | Memories III /\

ホープ (Hope):おあいこです!(Now we’re even!)
inspired by: (x)

The loneliness I felt was wiped clean with those words
I’m opening a new door, anyone would be frightened
All I had to do was remember you and the strength flowed through me

I want to be where you are.
(Happy VaniHopu Day! I hope everybody has enjoyed it <3)


-Cuddles and Kisses- 

Hope chuckled as he felt Vanille pricking him into his side. The girl was kind of frisky today and chuckled at him. If there wasn’t the paperwork he had to finish he would tickled her and make her laugh. But t first he needed to check the plans fort he next project and looked through the papers, making notes and reading them properly. The redhead looked over his shoulder and watched him curiously. Everthing he did was a puzzle to her. She did not understand many symbolsbut still loved tob e around him. „Is this a new project?“ „Yes, it’s a little building we plan to make.“ He calmly replied. It was Alyssa’s idea and he was looking through if everything would fit and work.

„Okay.“ She nodded and continued to watch while he thought. „It is actually very easy, really.“ He said as he noticed her confused expression. „I, uh I was never good at maths.“ She blushed shyly. „I don’t understand much of it… Only the basics you could say…“ „It’s alright, you are good in many other things, I know that.“ He smiled and she ruffled his hair.

Vanille just waited patiently and touched his hair at times. The director wished to lean back and enjoy a little massage. Still there was this paperwork and he decided to finish it quickly and finally spend the rest of the day with the vanilla pudding.

Once he closed the portfolio, he got up and turned to her. „You know what? For distracting me so long you have to make me something sweet.“  Vanille giggled and rossed her hands behind the back. „What would you like then?“ „Hmm… That’s hard to chose I would love some…. Cookies.“ Nodding and skipping down the stairs the girl wanted to head back to Oerba but Hopee smirked and suddenly picked her up into his arms, carrying her to his homeplace. „This time you will be with me.“ His sweet flower blushed and gazed at him while he bought her to his big apartment in Academia. The director was indeed not poor. Not even a bit. But he never talked about and money was for sure nothing to brag for in his opinon.

At his place she looked around curiously. Everything was so neat and bright. „Well, here ist he kitchen.“ He grinned as they slowly walked there. She blinked as he stood back at the door and tried to find an overview about everything. „Help?“ Vanille looked innocently at the man and tipped her figers together. Hope laughed and got everything she needed for som soft cookies. When the girl managed to do everything else her own from now on he left the kitchen to his bedroom and put some comfortable clothes on. In a grey shirt and black jogging pants the silver-haire man watched Vanille from the door and smiled when she did not notice and he just could gaze at the lovely and cute figure in front of him.

Whenever the young Pulsian moved and cooked her skrit hopped up and down like a ballet dress. Hope gulped slightly when he looked at her bare legs. Her body shape was covered with soft,pure and smooth skin. The former Cocoonian blushed as he imagined touching her skin.

Just some days ago he kissed her… If there wasn’t this casserole, who knows how far they would have gone? He kissed her and he could swear she liked it as much as him! He wished to have more courage and act like a real man to tell her about his feelings… Hope wondered why she did not talk about it with him… After all the kiss was something spacial, right? Or just a spontaneous action? „Hope are you alright?“ Vanille turned to him and blinked as he watched her so intensively. Immediatly the boy turned bright red and held his hand on his forhead. How embarrassing. She must think he was some creepy stalker… „Y-yeah, sorry, I was just thinking.“ He mumbled and stpped closer to look at her baking.

„You want to help me?“ Vanille broke the akward moment and smiled up at him. With a nod they both placed the raw cookies on the metal plate and then in the oven.

„Well I guess I am done here.“ The redhead snickered and stepped a bit closed to Hoope, placing a hand on his chest. „see you tomorrow yes?“ „Ah! Uh… Wait, plase… stay. I would like to share the chocolate cookies with you and…“ Hope scatched his head shyly then had an awesme idea. „We could build a fort out of blankets!“  A wide grin appered on his face when she happily nodded and said ‚Yes‘.

Together the rushed into his bedroom and got the pillows and blankets downstairs tot he living room. It took them almost an hour to make up the little castle. They laughed and had fun. „Well, good job! I think we are the best fort maker!“ He stared at their work. A pure mess of sheets and pillows though it still looked inviting. „Let’s get the cookies and go in there.“

The cookies on a big plate and a glass of milk in their hands both crawled into the soft palace and sat down there, enjoying the sweet treats. They tasted amazing. Warm and soft and totally how cookies should be. While they ate it felt so warm and comfortable for both.

Vanille nibbled at another cookie when Hope put his plate away and started to become nervous. He was such a chicken, why couldn’t he just say what he felt? Why was he so damn shy even after their first kiss? „Vanille, I uh…“ he murmured and looked at his hands. „I wanted to.. to talk with you about..“ he sighed and suddenly felt her hand on his cheek. „Hey, hey… It’s alright. Just… tell me, I won’t bite you.“ A lovely, gentle and encouraging smile shined on her face and ressaured him. „I.. I really like you Vanille. It makes me happy when you smile and I always feel well when you are around. I love to spend time with you and… I would like to erm.. Do something we did some days ago…“

she slowly moved closer to him. „I would like to spend more tie with you, too… And about the other thing…“ she tenderly nudged her forehead against his before brushing her sweet and tempting lips on his. Hope did not hesitte nd returned the affection by pressing her to his body. As in their first kiss they started off soft and gentle before slowly aparted their lips and let their tounges dance. Silent moans left Vanille’s lips and could sense the flavor of the cookies. Hope’s senses were filled with the decent scent of vanilla flower and let his hands explore her clothed back and hips. Her body started to shiver under his touches and he could tell she did enjoy his attention. Carefully her hands wandered on his chest as well and made him growl in pleasure. Small hands went under his shiert and caressed his skin. The silver-haired man pulled her top up and felt her jerking slightly and shaking even more when he stroked her skin. „M-more…“ Vanille begged and looked at him with shining eyes. With a light smirk he pushed her down on the pillows.

Her red hair flew down her shoulders as he removed her pigtails. His findertips moved above her wavy hair and took in the feeling of it. Arms wrapped around his neck and he felt her playing and stroking his hair as him.

Vanille recalled her memories with Hope when he still was younger than her. The time when the were running and surving.. Living as hunted Pulse L’Cie. Already back in time he showed interest in her but she never noticed until they talked so freely and openly with each other…. The time when he said it made her happy when she smiled.  In that moment the girl felt butterflies in her stomach and a fast heart beat. But it was just short-lived. They needed to think of saving Cocoon instead of feelings to each other.

But now after their long crystal sleep, when everything was good again they had more time to think of another. It was… Nice to know they finally had some peace. The girl of course still had a bad mind about the past. She would never forget what happened… That it was her fault so many people had to die.. Almost every time she was close to break together because of that. If there weren’t Fang and Hope and sazh and serah and Lightning… All her new friends than Vanille did not know what to do..

„I love you, Vanille…“ He whispered into her ear and Vanille was back in the present again. „H-Hope…“ she sighed joyfully and arched her neck when he kissed down on it, tasting her skin. His male confidence grew and he felt now a lot better when he touched and kissed her, expressing his feelings.

Hope cuddled against her then sat up for a second to take his shirt off and Vanille blushed and stared at his body. He placed her hands on his chest and leaned down above her again. Her tender hands fondled his bright skin and gained a loving groan, a signal for her to go on.

And she did so and continued to stroke his body. Everything heated up and they grew wilder on another. Her nails began to leave faint red lines on his back while he sucked at her skin and left the one or another mark as well. When Vanille started to moan and mewl louder Hope grew bolder and moved his hands to her thighs. It was amazing to him she reacted to every touch with joy. They kissed and their bodies cuddled against each other… „I love you, too…“ she mumbled at his lips and bit  it lightly. Much to his pleasure.


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